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Birth to a New Symbol of Appalachian Hospitality
Welcome to the Historic Rocky Waters Inn, A Small Luxury Hotel
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Since 1935

People often say our place looks familiar, but trust us: you'd remember if you stayed here. Cozying up overtop a sleepy little river tends to make a mighty fine memory. Family-built at the foot of the Smokies, Historic Rocky Waters Inn, A Small Luxury Hotel puts you right in the heart of what makes our corner of the country so serenely special— all just a hop and a skip from the delights of downtown Gatlinburg.

Paying homage to the trailblazers that pioneered hospitality in Gatlinburg in the mid-1930s, almost a decade later, the hotel is making a comeback to once again birth a new symbol of Appalachian hospitality.

Family built.
Enjoyed by generations.

The Historic Rocky Waters Inn, A Small Luxury Hotel offers a personalized experience where taste, sound, surface and experience remains as quaintly Appalachian as ever. Our Innkeepers offer an authentic experience unique to these parts. We love nothing more than watching guests discover their new favorite things about our hometown, whether that's through a belly full of good food, a quiet walk in the woods, or some local folklore told by yours truly.

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Talk with a guide
Talk with a guide

Gatlinburg, the unofficial gate keeper to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, has forever secured itself as one of the most magnificent mountain towns in the world. For this little mountain town does some rather big things. From having Arrowmont School - a 112 year old arts and crafts campus at the center to Anakeesta - a mountain top of imagination and wonder, Historic Rocky Waters Inn is just a stone's throw away from all this town has to offer.

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This creekside restaurant is tucked along the parkway, featuring a menu with the salt and smoke grit of Appalachian fare. 

Quaint but it ain’t.

Our 36-room property has offered heartfelt hospitality since day one. Our on-site Stewards are here to make your stay as inspired and special as the Great Smoky Mountains themselves. Starting from the moment of your arrival, our frictionless check-in process aims to get you settled into the space, and your zen, as quickly as possible.

Welcome to Your Own Private Gatlinburg

Serenity Glen Serenity Glen
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It’s all yours.

It’s all yours.

This place is pretty special, so we aren't surprised when people want to reserve areas for their own private events. If you're interested, chat with a planner by filling out a form.
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